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Asthma put Jasmine in hospital at Christmas

- Jasmine, 40, asthma sufferer and mum-of-three

It should have been an amazing Christmas for Jasmine.

Jasmine and her husband Pete had just brought their newborn twins Leo and Eliza, home and they were looking forward to spending Christmas together, along with their son Charlie.  

“When Pete said he was calling an ambulance for me, I cried and said ‘no’. I didn’t want to be away from my babies.”  

At hospital, Jasmine was put in isolation. Doctors gave her oxygen, a fast-acting reliever medicine, antibiotics and steroids to bring her asthma under control.  

By Christmas Eve, Jasmine’s asthma had barely improved. Waking up alone in hospital the next morning was the saddest moment yet. It felt so unfair.  

Jasmine should have been cuddling her babies, taking Charlie for a ride on his new trike and enjoying a Christmas roast with family. But instead,  she was sick in hospital, in isolation – recovering from her asthma attack and pneumonia. 

This year, more than 100 Australians will spend Christmas Day in hospital due to asthma. But we know that about 80% of asthma hospital admissions can be avoided.

By making a donation, you will help provide life-saving asthma education to help keep people like Jasmine out of hospital this Christmas. 

With your kind gift, we can ensure everyone can access an Asthma Educator by phoning our free 1800 ASTHMA information line. There they can ask questions and receive possibly life-saving personalised asthma information.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
[This appeal does not apply to WA]

After bringing home her newborn twins, two days before Christmas, Jasmine had a terrifying asthma attack. 

It came on quickly. She felt like she was suffocating – like she could die. 

Waking up alone in hospital on Christmas morning felt so unfair.

“It was awful – really sad,” says Jasmine.

“I really missed the little babies, and our older boy too.” 

By making a donation, you will help provide life-saving asthma education to help keep families like Jasmine's out of hospital this Christmas.

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